Adeola Oluwatoyin Ajayi




Adeola Oluwatoyin Ajayi is a Nigerian-born artist, whose natural creativity and passion stems from a family background full of an artist. Adeola witnesses his father Idowu Ajayi, AKA Idnoble paint while growing up. He was always amazed by his father's amazing talents and his ability to express their culture through arts.  

Adeola finds inspirations from his father, culture, traditions, and environments. With his work, he intends to express his culture, traditions and the environments in which he grew up, through his art, and to stimulate kind of fascination in the viewers that transform the African culture, daily struggles, and its beauty. Each piece portrays an elegant abstract sense of African culture, modern art, and history. With a stroke of brush and layers of paint with the pallets knife to the canvas, The artist brings to life the beauty of the African culture, Traditions, and characters that can be appreciated through time.

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