ARTIST STATEMENT


As an African, my whole life is shaped by my culture and tradition. My main objective as an artist when making artwork is bringing the culture, traditions and the environment in which I grew up into life.


The cultural heritage is one of my main inspirations when creating a new piece. My culture is not only an important part of my life to me, but has influenced the artwork of many throughout the years. 




Adeola Ajayi was born in Lagos Nigeria. He graduated with a B.A. in Public Relations and minor in Graphics Art from College Of the Ozarks in 2015, but ultimately pursued his love for painting when his dad passed away in 2014.


As a former collegiate athlete and an individual that’s rotted in culture and purpose. He utilizes his unique athletic and cultural ability to create an amazing piece of work that draws you in.


Many of his paintings incorporate vibrant colors and lively textures to depict the movement. Implementing the effects of both palette knives and brushwork, Adeola seeks to convey the swirl of colors embedded deep in his mind’s eye.

Layered of color and streaks of white create cosmic-like scenes, evoking new perceptions of movements in his audience.


Through his work, Adeola Ajayi strives to unveil the possibility of merging historical arts and modern arts, allowing a refreshing experience to the art world 




-April 2010 Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Sandy Springs, Atlanta Ga. 2010

-December 2011. The Royal Affairs Caffee. Atlanta GA


-November 2108 Jones Gallery Crossroads Art District Crossroads Art District “First Fridays” Kansas City, MO



-Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Atlanta GA







Nigerian-American (Born and raised in Nigeria)

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